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Abogado, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (1994)
Abogado Especialista en derecho de daños, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (1996)
Doctor en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (2003)
Posdoctorado “La globalización de la teoría contractual”, Beca tipo II, CONICET Argentina (2007)

CV Completo Cósimo Gonzalo Sozzo


Investigador, Categoría II -actualmente (2014) ha solicitado la Categoría I-, Universidad Nacional del Litoral


CURRENT LINES OF PERSONAL RESEARCH. (A) Law, social sciences et development. In particular: (a) history of development and sustainable development. (b) The emergency in Latin America of alternatives models to development («desarrollo perdurable» and Buen vivir »). (B) Globalization and globalization of law. In particular, the study and the development of statutory proposals and alternative institutions in the world dimention in various problematic domains, vgr. the food safety, the global movement of the polluting industries, the exploitation of critical raw material, the sustainable development. (C) Environmental law and cultural heritage law. In particular: (a) Studies on common goods in social theory and law (b) the impact of the recognition) common goods in private law (contract theory, property rights and liability law; (c) comparative constitutional law in South America specialy inthe filds of: development, natural resources, environement, development and cultural heritage; (d) relationships between human right theory and the environemental law. (e) Non regression principle in environmental law; (f) democracy and environment ; public participation in the bulding of environmental law; (g) environmental disasters; (h) environmental refugies. (D) Food law. in particular (a) globalisation and localisation of « food security » paradigm; (b) history of food law and food control in Argentine; (c) the role of experts and intelectuals in the bulding of food law and control in Argentine. (E) Sociology of risk and risk Law. Relationship between law and social science perspectives of risk; the impact of the science and technique and their controversies about the efects on the human health and the environment and the transformations which these impacts produce on the legal field (in law theory, liability and contract law). Law and institutions of global risk for human health and the environment, particulary risk disaster reduction. (F) Liability law. In particular, (1) class actions in Argentine and Brazil; (2) disasters and liability law; (G) Consumer law. Particulary : (1) product safety; prevention of consumer risks; precautionary princippe in consumer law, (2) « state of the art exeption » ; (H) Law research and social science research problems theory. Studies of research in law domains. Particulary: (1) dialogues between law, social sciences and experimental sciences.


SOZZO, GONZALO (director-author)
Making Law (reconstructions of de relationships between law and social sciences)
Ediciones UNL, Año 2016

SOZZO, GONZALO (director -with M. Prieur- and author)
No regression en droit de l´environnement
Ed. Bruyland, Bélgica, Año 2012

SOZZO, GONZALO (director-author)
Cultural heritage (sociolegal studies)
Ediciones UNL, Año 2010

Consumer law regulation
Alberto Bueres y Elena Highton (dirs.) Código Civil Comentado y Anotado, Ed. Hamurabi, Buenos Aires, Año 2011